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13th December 2005

2:19am: I need to be away from the game for a little while. *sigh* Holidays...

7th December 2005

3:32pm: I haven't been able to take screenshot's lately (don't ask), so most of these are Eadrick's or taken from FM forums.

We went for Proto-Omega again:
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1st December 2005

2:02am: Haven't updated in awhile. There hasn't really been anything out of the ordinary. FM killed a couple more Tiamats, but no Gaiters for the last two runs. We were gonna do Kirin a couple of times today, which is still fun for me because I think I've only killed two Kirins my entire FFXI career, but another LS was there and popped him first. A lot of people were disappointed. Competition for stuff like that can really take the fun out of the game. Makes instances in WoW seem more appealing I suppose.

Anyway, I finally got my alchemy apron and another lvl. I must be the slowest crafter in the world. Been making silent oils non-stop. It's a slow profit, but at least it's steady. They're going for 30k on our server right now, but the beeswax is 15k and the slime oil is around 35k. Inflation sucks, heh.

I also finally got my bard to 73! Chocobo Mazurka was one of my main goals for a long time, and although I was really happy to finally get it, it was sort of a leukwarm accomplishment. I dunno what it is lately with players, but it seems a lot of them are just fed up with the game right now. Even though I don't particularly enjoy bard as much as I <3 black mage, I still really enjoy hanging out with my static. That's why I leveled in the first place, but it seems like everyone is at the point where they just wanna get it over with. I can understand, but it makes some of the accomplishments we've made together kinda blah. ; ;

Anyway, I can run faster. Wee! Buy silent oils!

24th November 2005

3:21am: Nightofday, Eadrick, and I had planned on doing the "Under Observation" bcnm Tuesday night but I got home from work and didn't want to log on. I'm glad I changed my mind. We got our second ever peacock charm:

It's dropped twice for us on our third run. The first time was my orb, and this time it was Ead's. Night, it's your turn now!

Then today I log on and Tiamat has been up for a couple hours. We got our third ever pair of Herald's Gaiters which went to Grifter:

Idk why, but fighting Tiamat is more fun for me each time. After Timmy, we went to West Altepa because KV was due to pop:

Hybris got a neat bullet (lol). Overall, not a bad couple of days. And now I have enough gil to lvl Brd again, lol.

22nd November 2005

11:55am: King Vinegar!
I was exping with my static last night in KRT (almost 72) when one of my LS mates shouted the KV was up. They told everyone to book it to Western Altepa Desert, so we abruptly ended the exp and made our way to where a few of our LS mates were holding the NM. All the Blm's that came subbed ninja and one of our LS memebers showed up with the antidotes since most of us were in too much of a rush to think about it. ^^;
Anyway, screenshots here.Collapse )

20th November 2005

5:06am: 1st Limbus
Had my first experience with limbus today. We tried Omega, and I think the only thing we really knew about it was that it's weak to magic when it's on all four legs, weak to physical attacks when it's on two legs, and (iirc) when it goes from all fours to two legs it'll spawn a detector type mob that needs to be killed right away.

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19th November 2005

4:32pm: Cooking skill +0.1
5:35am: A lot of my old friends have come back to the game within the last two weeks, and these are people that have been gone for around 6 months or more. I hope they stick with it, but you can never be sure. And Pulv's leaving for WoW, leaving me as an in-game widow.

You'll be back, Pulv. <3

In other news, I managed to stay awake long enough to see Tiamat pop today so FM rushed to Attowah after losing claim to Perfection at Nidhogg:

Tatto was there alone, so we were kinda suspicious that he'd try to MPK us like he did at a random Fafnir a month ago or so, but he went on his way and left us alone.

And FM got their second ever pair of Herald's Gaiters! They were given to our WHM, Lex; Grats Lex! (If you ever read this)Tiamat was extra fun today with the two samurai's. Have I ever mentioned Samurai + BLM = <3?

My Alchemy is still at 83, and I'm pretty sure that's as high as it's ever gonna get. I'm gonna work on getting my crafts up to 60 in the next few months and then I'll probably take up Leather as my main. Alchemy just doesn't seem to be profitable enough and I'm tired of slaving over silent oils and staying poor! ;)

18th November 2005

7:16am: Woohoo!
I log on and everyone's in Aery. I guess one of the newer HNM LS's, Frenzy, had claimed Fafnir today and this was their first try at it. By the time they logged on, Frenzy only had about 20 minutes before it went into SSJ mode, so I decide to head to Aery in case something goes wrong. For a first try, their LS put up a pretty good fight, somehow managing to stay alive through two spike flails. An hour went past, however, and they had to take the death. We had a bit of a rough time waiting for Faf to regen her HP; a member from another LS trained it to us and could have wiped us all, but luckily there were only a few deaths and the majority of us escaped out and came back in to claim. Anyway, this isn't really huge news except that:

I finally got my zenith mitts! Was gonna have ead try for a +1 but meh. Maybe some other time.

7th November 2005

6:24pm: Adam found some old, old screenshots I had taken somewhere on his computer (don't ask):

First summerfest:

I'm pretty sure I stole this from Vanstrider, but it's cute so I have to post it. ;) (they were probably doing genkai 1)

This was my very first static. It started out with just us four, and then we added Rangerbob. I think we went from 60-70 together before some of us lost our motivation, and others moved on: The grind to 75 for the very first time can wear you down because it takes so long. I'm starting to experience that on my bard now, too.

(p.s. I miss Zeph ; ;)

And then there are more unconventional ways to lvl. Berg and I decided we are going to lvl DRG up to our full AF. I think we were around lvl 17 at the time this SS was taken. We're 31 now and we haven't had a chance to xp in a really long time, but we will get our purple gear one day. XD

Duoing DRG with him, even though it has no use for HNM's and end-game content, is probably one of the funnest things I've done. Mikan dies every damn time, lol.
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